Extended Range Series

Extended Range Series


Air-Con’s products are used in almost every energy related

industry, including oil and gas production, both on and

offshore, oil and gas transmission and petroleum refining.

Other markets includechemical, petrochemical, pulp and

paper, food and beverage, and water systems.

All actuator models have a totally enclosed housing that

provides complete protection for all movingparts,

minimizing the possibility of internal misalignment and

reducing the chance of injury to operating personnel.

External field-adjustable stops are provided to allow

accurate adjustment and toassure complete opening and

closing of the valve. All moving parts and bearing surfaces

are supplied with a permannent lubricant, which also

provides corrosion protection. All Air-Con actuatorsmay be

furnished to provide instant operation in the event of an

emergency or linebreak when atten-dants are not available.

Air-Con’s heavy duty rack-pinion actuators offer a broad

range of torques to 1,565,800 in-lbs. Theseseries are

designed to operate ball, butterfly or any device that

requires a quarter-turn movement for on-off or throttling


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