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Economy Valves (9)

Designed For The Economical OEM And Industrial Markets
Economy Valves

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Help with all your valve body, seat and seal needs.

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EZ Series

EZ Series

2PC Reduced Bore Flanged End Ball Valve

Easy Maintenance Design

EC Series

EC Series

Two Piece Full Bore Flanged End Ball Valves

EZ Link Stem Extensions

EZ Link Stem Extensions

EazyLink Stem Extensions

Extended Range Series

Extended Range Series

Air-Con’s products are used in almost every energy related

industry, including oil and gas production, both on and

offshore, oil and gas transmission and petroleum refining.

Other markets includechemical, petrochemical, pulp and

paper, food and beverage, and water systems.

Lathe Machine in Use

Interior Balls from Industrial Ball Valves - Stainless Steel

Expert craftmenship of high quality ball valves

High Quality Performance Ball Valves in inventory