Low Temperature and Cryogenic Ball Valves

Low Temperature and Cryogenic Ball Valves


Flo-Tite's cryo extension bonnet is specially designed to reduce heat exchange between the fluid and the environment, and adds dead space to collect the boiled-off vapors therefore further insulating the top of the valve from the fluid.  The bonnet height can be altered to meet special requirements to better locate the gland packing closer to the ambient temperature and protect it from potential damage due to low temperature fluid.  All cryogenic valves are unidirectional with an upstream pressure relief hole to prevent overpressure form thermal expansion.

Design Features

Encapsulated bod seals prevent "cold flow"

Bolt-on or welded bonnet design construction

Rigid body Ccostruction minimizes 

3 PC Threaded, Socket, and Butt Weld designs 1/4" - 4"

ANSI 150, 300, 600, 900 LB Flanged Ends 1/2" - 4"

One piece, high strength blowout proof stem design


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