Media Containment Cap

Media Containment Cap


Flo-Tite’s Media Cap unit provides an added safety feature with the addition of a secondary
set of graphite stem packing with a liveloaded design using Belleville washers that
automatically compensate for temperature and pressure fluctuation, maintaining a leak
proof seal for an extended cycle life. The units added height, help distancing the valve
operator from dangerous high temperature media.

Flo-Tite’s valves with I-SO-Mount pads are designed to accommodate the use of our
media-cap. An ideal economical solution to reduce costly down time, due to unscheduled
maintenance repairs on ball valves. In many plant environments valves with stem leaks
must be shut down for immediate repairs, these unscheduled repairs in many systems
will cost the plant many times more than the actual installed ball valve. There is no way
for Flo-Tite to calculate your lost production cost due to valve repair. Flo-Tite’s media-cap
seals off unlikely valve stem leaks easily and quickly in line and under pressure.

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