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Flo-Tite provides a standard of engineering excellence to the process market with proven success in some of the most hostile conditions known to the industry. Through the efforts of Flo-Tite’s engineers and sales representatives, over the last 20 years through out the U.S. and many different countries, solved the need for a quality, reliable, efficient and safe ball valve. Fundamental rules promising customer management reviews those ideas contrived by that involvement. Those selected are subjected to the rigors of a product research and development program. The completion of this process produces a new or improved user friendly ball valve product.


All Flo-Tite’s valve products design priorities include:

  • All inclusive basic models to allow the customer the greatest flexibility of multiple applications from a single product.
  • Increase the interchangeability while reducing the amount of components and allied accessories permitting the customer to minimize inventories and positively affect their flexibility and bottom line.
  • Continually improve the quality, efficiency and safety of all products.<
  • Be innovative while maintaining computability with customer’s system.


Flo-Tite valves and products as a single source solution to industrial ball valve problems evolved with our decision to provide customers with the most complete line of quality ball valve products.

Including the ISO-Mount automation design, allowing for adaptation of a secondary containment unit, handle extensions, cryogenic extensions, and actuators.

Maintained versatility of end connections and easy removal swing out design for in-line maintenance in our multi-choice three piece line.

We included our high tech unique features in our stem design with added safety features.

    The list goes on with low torque seat designs.
  • Precision fit blow out proof stems.
  • Live loaded stems
  • Special cavity fillers
  • A wide variety of standard and special seat selections.
  • All products designed, engineered and tested to exceed industry standards.


“Service is getting it right the first time. And should a problem occur, fix it!” It is helping customers resolve their problems efficiently. It is making commitments and keeping them. It’s paying attention to details during order entry, assembly, testing and shipping. Service is the most important thing we provide!


Flo-Tite, Inc. is proud to have earned one of the highest quality/price ratios of any reputable ball valve company, world wide. You will not find better value for your money!

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