Threaded End - 1 & 2 Piece Body Design (9)

General purpose ball valves
Threaded End - 1 & 2 Piece Body Design

Economy Valves (9)

Designed For The Economical OEM And Industrial Markets
Economy Valves

3 Piece Valves (11)

Three piece body valves area multi-purpose ball valves. They tend to be used in more demanding applications.
3 Piece Valves

Flanged Valves (7)

A conventional design ball valve, made to be easily installed or removed from the pipeline.
Flanged Valves

Multi Port Valves (5)

Multi-Port Ball Valves will lower overall cost by allowing the replacement of two or three conventional straight line valves, thus eliminating or reducing pipe fitting and expensive automation equipment.
Multi Port Valves

Specialty Products (10)

Flo-Tite offers a wide array of different multipurpose specialty valves.
Specialty Products

Engineering & Maintenance (4)

Help with all your valve body, seat and seal needs.

Lathe Machine in Use

Interior Balls from Industrial Ball Valves - Stainless Steel

Expert craftmenship of high quality ball valves

High Quality Performance Ball Valves in inventory