3 Piece Valves

Three piece body valves area multi-purpose ball valves. They tend to be used in more demanding applications where maintenance will be required on a more frequent basis than 2 piece valves. The 3 body’s center section can be removed to allow the valve end caps to be welded without the possibility of damaging the valve seats. Any combination of end connections can be supplied to meet your custom

Tri-Star Series 410CS,420CS,510SS,520SS

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Tri-Pro Series HPF 40,HPF 50,HPS 40, HPS50

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Multi-Choice Series 310,320…

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Titan Series 1540,1550

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Multi-Choice Weld-In-Place 225CS,235CS

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Multi-Choice Sanitary 350

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Pro-Max Series 361,362

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Econo-Groove Series 190,390

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