Multi-Choice 300 Series



Full Port

Body Style:


Size Range:


Temperature Range:

Consult Factory

Pressure Ratings:

1500 WOG = 14“–212"
1250 WOG = 3"–4"

End Connections:

Standard Ends: Threaded and Socket Weld
Optional: Butt Weld
Optional: Flanged

Body Materials:

300 Series = Stainless Steel
200 Series = Carbon Steel

Seat Materials:

Super-Tek TFM or RTFE


Ideal valve for many applications requiring a low pressure, cost effective valve and makes installation and maintenance easier being able to change your end caps.

Flo-Tite’s Standard Part Numbers:

310-SS-1-FFF-L (SS NPT)
320-SS-2-FFF-L (SS SW)
330-SS-3-FFF-L (SS BW as an option)
340-SS-4-FFF-L (SS Flanged as an option)
210-CS-1-FFF-L (CS NPT)
220-CS-2-FFF-L (CS SW)
230-CS-3-FFF-L (CS BW as an option)
240-CS-4-FFF-L (CS Flanged as an option-Do not Stock)

 Multi-Choice 300 TB

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 Multi-Choice 300 -200

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